Light Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting

Author(s): Fil Hunter


This is the book to own if you want to understand lighting! "Light Science and Magic" more than just provides set examples for photographers to follow. This international bestseller provides photographers with a comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light to allow individual photographers to use lighting to express their own creativity. It will show you how to light the most difficult subjects such as surfaces, metal, glass, liquids, extremes (black-on-black and white-on-white), and people. With more information specific for digital photographers, a brand new chapter on equipment, much more information on location lighting, and more on photographing people, this brand new fourth edition will make it clear why this is one of the only recommended books by our associated website. This is the lighting book for serious photographers. Bestselling previous edition sold nearly 70,000 copies globally. This is the only book that covers theory and physics of light. It is full of brand new info, specific to digital photography. It is loaded with new and inspiring full color photographs.


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"This is the essential book for learning about how light and lighting works in photography. It is used as the textbook for many college photography studio lighting courses (which is how I discovered it, when taking a studio lighting course at CCSF). Even after taking the class and "mastering" all the exercises, I still re- read this book frequently, and am surprised at little tricks or nuances I never learned before, or learned and then forgot (because that particular thing doesn't come up with most of my photography work)."--CoolTools "Over the past several years, manufacturers have swamped photographers with a seemingly endless flood of truly amazing gear. New generations of cameras, lighting gear, high-resolution printers, and sophisticated software have revolutionized how photographers work and think. This book provides reader with a comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light. This 4th edition includes dozens of new photographs and lighting diagrams; new information on how to work with color gels, portable strobes, motion, and more." "This new edition of the book is based on the behavior of light, and its principles that will not change because the fundamental physics does not. Light: Science & Magic is a book to deal adequately with how light behaves when it reflects from a surface and how the material making the subject determines the appearance of this reflection. This important understanding is not intended to enable photographer to shoot good pictures like those in this book but rather to transfer those images to any subject matter, using any equipment." "I have used the 3rd edition of this book when I teach. The 4th Edition improves on the earlier version and brings one "up-to-date." This is a text I'll continue to recommend. This is a book that all photographers should have in their library."--Lancaster Camera "There are numerous photography books available and often it is difficult to make the right choice. 'Light Science and Magic' definitely stands out from the bunch. This book can get very technical covering scientific end of how light works in all sorts of situations. Do not expect to read this resource like a novel, unless you are like me and thrive on technical end of photography. However the book is not created for photography rocket scientists only. It's designed the way that even complex concepts are illustrated in diagrams that any visual folks can understand easily. 'Light Science and Magic' fourth edition was just released at the end of 2011. All the info is up to date!"

Fil Hunter is a highly respected commercial photographer specializing in still life and special effects photographs for advertising and editorial illustration. During a career spanning over three decades, he has worked for such clients as America Online, US News, Time-Life Books, Life Magazine (27 covers), the National Science Foundation, and National Geographic. He has taught photography at the university level and has served as technical consultant on a number of photographic publications. Mr. Hunter has won the Virginia Professional Photographer's Grand Photographic Award three times. He lives in Alexandria, VA. Paul Fuqua, Virginia, USA, started his own audiovisual production company in 1970. Dedicated to teaching through visuals, he has written and produced educational and training material in a variety of fields, including law, science, and nature. His photography takes him all over the world, but he makes his home in Arlington, VA. Steven Biver, Virginia, USA, Commercial photographer, former clients include Adobe, Mobil, Newsweek, Black and Decker

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  • : September 2011
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