Frequent Buyer

We love to reward our customers with free books.

The Avenue Bookstore Card (sometimes referred to as the Frequent Buyer Program) offers a 10% rebate on all purchases—including books, stationery, magazines, cards, special orders, sale items and gifts.

The program is simple. We tally the amount you spend, and each time your total reaches more than $250, we send you a voucher for 10% of your purchases. There’s no time limit to get to that amount. The vouchers you earn do not have an expiry date.

The Avenue Bookstore Card also helps us easily and effectively place your special orders, contact you about our exciting events and sales, and send you information on your next favourite reads.



What do I get?

A full 10% rebate on every dollar spent at Avenue Bookstore, every day and on all stock, including sale items. Award Vouchers you earn do not have an expiry date.

Who can sign up?

Anyone! There’s no fee and no minimum purchase.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Our booksellers can quickly sign you up and provide your Avenue Bookstore card on the spot. We’ll record today’s and all future purchases. If you don’t have your card, just mention that you’re on our system: we can look you up!

Does the Avenue Bookstore Card expire?

No. As long as you purchase one time within a 12-month period, your card remains active. 

Why do you need my details?

We need your physical address to send you any Award Vouchers you earn. We also send our Seasonal Reading Guide 3 times per year. We send occasional emails detailing our events, sale notices and Avenue news. Your address, telephone number and email details are kept confidential and will not be passed on to anyone. For more information, please see our privacy statement.

If you do not want to receive emails from us, please unsubscribe via the contact form, or let us know in-store. \

How do you record my purchases?

Every time you shop with us, please present your card or give us your name. We will record the amount of your purchase on your Avenue Bookstore Card.

When do I get an Award Voucher?

We issue Award Vouchers approximately one time per week. Each Avenue Bookstore Card member who has spent more than $250 will be posted an Award Voucher. As soon as your Award Voucher is created, it’s ready to use—in part or in full—for anything in the store and for special orders.

What else does the Avenue Bookstore Card do?

When you have an Avenue Bookstore Card, we can easily and quickly place your special orders and contact you about events, specials and sales.

What are Double Points and how do I earn them?

We offer our Avenue Bookstore Card members the opportunity to earn double points on specific titles. This often coincides with new releases and the publication of our Seasonal Reading Guides. Also, book club members always earn double points on Avenue book club picks. Ask us in-store, and make sure we have your email address to receive news of these promotions.

What if I forgot to mention my Avenue Bookstore Card membership last time I shopped at Avenue?

If you forgot to give us your Avenue Bookstore Card or to mention your membership, just bring in your receipt or credit card statement next time. We’ll happily add these purchases to your Avenue Bookstore Card.

Does my Avenue Bookstore Card work at all of your stores? Or do I have to join at each one?

The Avenue Bookstore Card is completely integrated among our three locations. You’re welcome to use your one card at Albert Park, Elsternwick and Richmond.

What if I live interstate or overseas?

We have Avenue Bookstore Card members from all around Australia and overseas. We have standard postage fees within Australia ($5 for one book; $7.50 for two books; $10 for three books; free postage for four or more books). We also ship overseas at cost, which we can quote upon request.

What if I lose my Avenue Bookstore Card or Award Voucher?

We can reissue an Avenue Bookstore Card at any time. We can also issue supplementary Avenue Bookstore Cards for you or family members. Award Vouchers are recorded in our database, so even if you lose them or don’t have them with you when you visit us in-store, you can redeem them. Just ask our booksellers to check if you have any Award Vouchers to redeem.

Do points or Award Vouchers expire?

No. Points don’t expire. You can take as long as you like to build up to Award Vouchers. Award Vouchers have no expiry.

What if I don’t make a purchase within a 12-month period?

Your membership will become inactive, but it can be reactivated any time. Your old points will be carried forward.

What if I change address?

Please let us know if you move so we can update the details on your Avenue Bookstore Card. If you move interstate or overseas for a period, advise us about whether you’d like to retain your member status.

Any other questions?

Please ask any of our staff to help you. You can also contact us. [link to Contact page or email]



*Avenue Bookstore reserves the right to withdraw this loyalty program or to alter all or any of the conditions without prior notice.